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January-February 2014

Let’s (not) talk about sex

Java Nguyen

Inside the silence behind sex, dating, and disability It took less than 30 seconds for the date to go from promising to very bad. After some online chatting, Steve* was excited to meet Kayla, the 24-year-old law clerk he connected with on Plentyoffish. They’d decided on Toronto’s Bull and Firkin Pub, one early evening in […]

Everybody, let’s get naked!

Rhiannon Russell@rhrussell

For decades, advocates have touted nudism’s ability to combat sexism, objectification, and bad body image. Can it now be an antidote to our over-twerked culture? Rhiannon Russell goes bare to find out It’s no secret what lies behind the shroud of trees at the end of the long driveway in a rural area of East […]

Cover story: No choice

Rebecca Melnyk

The anti-abortion movement has newly latched onto Post-Abortion Syndrome, a controversial diagnosis that it claims mimics PTSD. The pro-choice response: the syndrome doesn’t exist. How women’s grief became the latest abortion battleground Outside the walls of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, a light snow falls quietly on the streets. Inside, the waiting room is not much […]

Radio star

Mason Wright@thismason

New FM airwaves lack distinct Canadian sound—and that’s a good thing By the time you read this, the newest entry into Toronto’s FM radio marketplace will be running at full power, armed with a signal boost obtained in November, two months after its launch. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the owners of Indie88 […]