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September-October 2016

Visions for Canada’s next 150 years

As Canada's sesquicentennial approaches, six writers touch on what it means to be Canadian

Becka Viau

Canada: A country, a nation, a landscape detailed in waterways, forests and plains, a natural and cultural ecosystem, a place, a name, a collection of stories bound with a common history. Canada is a construct, a myth built from these parts. And what is a myth but a powerful and pervasive narrative, an imagined reality […] More »

Postcard from Sudan: Rebirth of a nation

Heather StilwellWebsite

In many ways, this tiny classroom was just like any other: rows of young students looking up at their teacher, the day’s lesson displayed on the dusty chalkboard overhead. But this day was not about grammar or arithmetic. It was about the long fight for freedom. In South Sudan, it is rarely about anything else. […] More »

Gender-neutral O Canada: An idea whose time already happened—130 years ago

luke champion

Hot on the tail of the reinvigorated nationalism left in the wake of the Olympics in Vancouver, parliament reopened yesterday with the speech from the throne given by Governor-General Michaëlle Jean. Appropriately timed with said nationalism, the country’s National Anthem made its way into the hour-long allocution. The government would like to retool the English […] More »

Book Review: Melanye T. Price's Dreaming Blackness

daniel tseghay

The unprecedented election for president of an African American south of the border probably looked to many like the culmination of a grand process of inclusion. African Americans, the story goes, can now see their efforts for civil rights and participation in the American Dream as embodied in Barack Obama. The struggle is over and […] More »