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November-December 2016

Canadian media sucks at representing Muslims in Canada

Amira Elghawaby on the unflattering, unrelenting media spotlight on Muslims in Canada—and why journalists must do better

Amira Elghawaby@AmiraElghawaby

When it comes to Muslims, even the good news stories can turn ugly. Take this example from September 2016: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a mosque during Eid, one of the holiest celebrations in the Islamic calendar, to pay his respects. The story morphed into something sinister and malevolent. Several newspapers owned by Postmedia reported […] More »
March-April 2010

Stand up for women’s rights: don’t ban the burka

Nav PurewalWebsite

We must protect women from religious coercion… Banning burkas has long been a popular idea among immigration hardliners on the European right, who claim that the head-to-toe woman’s garment is a matter of national security. Canadians may scoff at such paranoia, but the idea is gaining some momentum here, and the push is coming from […] More »

Four Poems by Fraser Sutherland

Fraser Sutherland

Consistency When the soldiers came in their armoured vehicle they gave the little Muslim boys candy bars. They gave pieces of candy bars to barking or tail-wagging dogs. When the soldiers drove away, some of the boys ran after them, ran and ran and ran until there was only one boy, run- ning, running. The […] More »