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Labour days

Vote on Canada’s most underrated rebellion

This Magazine Staff

As Canadians, most of us have learned about such nation-defining events as the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada or the Red River Rebellion, but in the next issue of This, we chronicle four under-appreciated rebellions that explode the myth of Canada as a place with a peaceful (and boring) history. The July/August issue of […] More »

AFSCME: The f—ing union that works for you

This Magazine Staff

If you believe Internet lore, this clip is the result of a voice-over outtake done when the original commercial was shot, produced and aired more than 25 years ago. Today, it’s receiving all kinds of online plaudits from younger labour-conscious folks who say it embodies the kind of approach the labour movement should be taking […] More »

Canada continues to fail guest worker

This Magazine Staff

Monday’s Toronto Star carries a Labour Day feature updating the plight of Hermelindo Gutierrez, a Mexican who worked as a seasonal farm worker in Ontario for several years before kidney failure left him dependent on a dialysis machine—an unthinkable expense in Mexico for the working class. Hermelindo’s story was previously told in the pages of […] More »

Bad boss stories

This Magazine Staff

If you’ve ever been curious about the differences between the labour movements in Canada and the U.S., have a look at this quirky little contest from Working America, an AFL-CIO affiliate. The winner of the best “bad boss” story competition wins a vacation (sorry, the voting period is already past), and there are some real […] More »

The end of solidarity– for now. Forever?

This Magazine Staff

Don’t know how other Torontonians felt about it, but being stuck in traffic for an hour while I tried to drop off my kids at daycare, and then struggling through the same smoggy traffic to get back to one of the kids when he fell ill made this middle-aged lefty mighty cranky with the illegal […] More »