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Jeff Perera

March-April 2015

Allied forces

Hillary Di Menna

Where do men belong in feminism? Hillary Di Menna tackles the thorny question of what it means to be a strong male ally—and whether women really need them SOMETIMES I CAN’T DECIDE where men fit into feminism. On the surface, it seems like such a simple, yes-or-no question: they either belong or they don’t. But […] More »

Gender Block: Men, boys, and the word feminism

Hillary Di Menna

If you believe in equality for all genders you’re a feminist, “Simple,” says sociologist and author (Angry White Men, Guyland) Dr. Michael Kimmel. So what is the big deal with people adamantly denying that title, especially since, as Kimmel points out, most people do want this kind of equality? “The conversation we’re having here,” says […] More »

Gender Block: SlutWalk Toronto 2014

Hillary Di Menna

Over 1,000 people walked from Nathan Phillips Square to Queen’s park this past Saturday. Some identified as feminists, some identified as sluts and others called themselves allies. SlutWalk Toronto 2014 was the third for the city since it began in 2011. Now, SlutWalk has become an annual event in 200 cities world over. The first […] More »