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David Alexander

Friday FTW: an in vitro meat and greet

Vincent Colistro

I eat meat. I like the taste of it, and each day I witness my belly’s lust for the stuff dupe my mind into concordance. It’s simple. I look at a cluster of cooked chicken strands in a shawarma sandwich and it has none of the paradigmatic signs of life or pain or loss that […] More »
January-February 2012

Is there a way to stop animal suffering—and still enjoy that burger?

Marisa Baratta

Yes, we must stop killing and eating animals. Vegetarians give up meat for various reasons—out of compassion for animals, to be healthy or to be more environmentally friendly. And now vegetarianism is more accessible than ever, says David Alexander, Executive Director of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. “There’s simply no compelling reason,” he believes, “for vegetarians […] More »