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canadian music week

Remembering Nova Scotia musician Jay Smith

Sue Carter Flinn

This year’s Canadian Music Week was memorable for its surprises and pleasures. Easily overwhelmed by packed schedules, I narrowed my festival picks down to acts I probably wouldn’t get a chance to see again. There was Iceland’s electronic Apparat Organ Quartet, a keyboard-heavy band whose surreal performance swung from fist-pumping metal to Daft Punk–driven electronica. […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Extra-pleasant edition: Hooded Fang's "Laughing"

luke champion

Hooded Fang has long been a favourite here at Tuesday Tracks, not because one of its members — Nick Hune-Brown — used to be an editor here at This Magazine (I’ve never met him), but because their music is just some of the most enjoyable ear candy one can find this side of virtually anywhere. […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Canadian Music Week edition: Everything All The Time, Dan Mangan, Parlovr

luke champion

One of the great redeeming aspects of big, multi-day, city-wide music festivals like Canadian Music Week/Fest is the opportunity for discovery. It’s very rare these days that one gets the opportunity to hear something truly great, for the first time, in a live setting. Generally, if I’m going to a show where I’m unfamiliar with […] More »