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May-June 2016

Is welfare sexist?

Some provincial governments will cut off social and disability assistance if a woman’s partner makes too much money—a 1950s era policy that curbs independence, reinforces the marry-rich cliché, and can even put women in danger

Amanda Van Slyke

Independence has never come easy for me—but it’s always been vital. I was born premature in 1989 with undiagnosed dyspraxia, a neurological disorder that permanently affects memory, coordination, and processing speed. Because my development was delayed and I was held back in kindergarten, I heavily relied on my classmates throughout school. I nodded my head […]

Small is good

Big media is one hot mess. But it’s not all bad news. How community radio is set to triumph in the digital age and emerge as the surprising winner in the battle for the future of media

Doug Horner

THE CHEERY BANTER between a cartoon moose and flying squirrel has rung out over Calgary airwaves every Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. for the past 14 years. Dedicated listeners know what the goofy bit signals: it’s time for radio magic. “And now…” “Hey, Rocky!” Bullwinkle interrupts. “Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat.” […]

New issue on newsstands now!

Introducing our May/June issue

This Magazine

In this issue’s cover story, Doug Horner examines the defiant success of community radio, arguing that it provides a resilient blueprint for successful, worth-tuning-in-to media in the Digital Age. Could community radio be the surprising winner when it comes to the future of news? Read Doug’s piece to let us know what you think! Also […]

Meet This Magazine’s new art director

Introducing Valerie Thai in a game of six questions

This Magazine

All of us at This Magazine would like to say a happy hello to our new art director, Valerie Thai. Valerie specializes in print design and illustration for socially conscious and sustainable companies. She was also the award-winning head designer and art director of Adbusters for five years running. We’re thrilled to have her on […]

Fly Away Little Bird

Nadia Alam left her abusive home four years ago, but it was far from easy. Why we need more support— and awareness—for children and adults who are struggling to leave emotionally destructive families

Nadia Alam

Illustration by Jori van der Linde For a long time, no one understood why I hated my mother. After all, pop culture, Hallmark, and general wisdom tend to all agree that a daughter shares her deepest secrets with her mother. With her, I was supposed to feel safe, comforted, supported, and so deeply loved. I […]

Clothes Encounter

What we wear can be a political act


Months ago Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show performance of “Formation” served as a poignant example of the evocative power of clothing. Clad in outfits that paid homage to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Beyoncé and her dancers embodied a necessary social commentary on police brutality against predominantly AfricanAmericans. For some shocked, colourblind […]