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July-August 2004

Minimum wage increase equals minimum benefit

Bruce GillespieWebsite@bgillesp

Does increasing the minimum wage by 30 cents actually benefit low-wage earners? It seems like employers just pass the added cost on to consumers, increasing the cost of living for everyone, including the working poor. So is a minimum increase really worth it in the end? The simple answer is yes, if only because no […]

Hear This: Cheaper Than A One Night Stand, Tangiers, Bob Wiseman, The Organ

This Staff

Vancouver artists’ collective takes the piss out of pretentious showings, and new music by Bob Wiseman and The Organ

Stuart Ross interviews Jason Anderson on celebrity encounters

Stuart RossWebsite@MrRazovsky

Stuart Ross chats with Jason Anderson about celebrity encounters and giving up his Xbox for the love of writing


Jason AndersonWebsite@jandersonesque

1. I have always been fortunate to exist in two worlds: the grey, maudlin one into which we are all born, and that place where names are spelled out in lights. Though my origins are unspectacular, fate has periodically placed me in the role of ambassador between these realms. The first such incident took place […]

Cold Lake karaoke bar

Laurie FuhrWebsite

I dedicate this song to the man I met 5 minutes ago I dedicate this lung to a bar full of blue smoke I dedicate this liver to the chronic wasting of beer I dedicate this tube top to breasts that would hold it up I dedicate these teeth to dentistry I couldn’t buy them […]