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September-October 2018

Learning to Swim

Poetry by Henry Noble

Henry Noble

Listen to music too loudly / Sing along to
songs I don’t know the lyrics to / Get stoned
and turn into a fiery ball of Love / Kiss my best
friends square on the mouth / Drink water,
gotta stay hydrated / Hate everything I write /
Love everything you write / Sleep off the rest
/ Stare out the window on the bus and dream
about the people sleeping in their apartments
and what they’re dreaming about / Eat too
many All Dressed chips in my room and search
for prophesies in the crumbs on my bed /
Wear sunglasses indoors / Get back into lane
swimming / Throw away every sock I own,
they’re both the best part of who I am and the
things that are holding me back / Remember
that everyone else is as judgmental as I am and
they’re all just trying their best / Try to forget
the embarrassing scenes in the recesses of my
mind that only I can recall anymore / Take my
shirt off in public more often / Text my dad /
Call mom, she appreciates the conversation
/ Pauline can survive until Thanksgiving, she
needs the space / Write ugly songs / Wear
ugly clothes / Find beauty in the lines I think I
can write better.

Henry Noble is a young man from Ottawa, Ont. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s English Literature program, and still resides in town. His influences include Michael Ondaatje’s novels, the poetry of Leonard Cohen, and Anne Carson’s essays among many others. His favourite word is “bracket,” and his least favourite day is Tuesday

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