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March-April 2018

REVIEW: New memoir uses multiple mediums to discover the meaning of ‘home’

Inside Chelene Knight's Dear Current Occupant

Alicia Elliott

Dear-Current-Occupant-A-Memoir-Chalene-Knight-Cover-ImageDear Current Occupant
By Chelene Knight

Book*hug, $20.00

In her memoir Dear Current Occupant, writer Chelene Knight asks, “Is home a place we were, a place we are, a place we want to be, or is it simply a state of being?” Using poetry, essay, flash nonfiction, and photography, Knight weaves what she refers to as a “patchwork” story of her life, told through the lens of different places she’s called “home” throughout her life. The effect is absolutely dazzling. Knight smartly embraces “the cracks in the narrative” that come from imperfect memories, proclaiming, “I can fill those cracks with gold, if I choose to.” She does.

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