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March-April 2018

ACTION SHOT: Women of all ages march in resistance in the streets of Vancouver

This January, Canadian women young and old protested one year after Donald Trump's inauguration

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Aria Brain, from Vancouver, B.C. poses for a portrait at the Women's March. January 20, 2018 Jackie Dives/The Globe and Mail

On January 20, 2017, women across the globe marched in resistance following President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The marches were symbols of protest, as a man with multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him had joined public office. As 2017 progressed, women began stepping forward, speaking up against misconduct, harassment, and rape, sparking an international movement, dubbed #MeToo. One year later, Canadian women reconvened to march on—to show their strength, to stand together. In Vancouver, even the tiniest of protesters raised their voices: Aria Brain, marching with her mother, sported a cape, the words “girl power” scrawled

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