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January-February 2018

Excerpt of Disney Song

Poetry by Domenica Martinello

Domenica Martinello

[i. daughters of triton]

Little sister / seventh sister
Daddy named us well
// mollusk-soft daughters
for a great barrel-chested
bell /// We don’t chime in
unless someone points
a stick at us. //// Conductor
of daughters, of pearly white
belles ///// An empty shell is no
way to pander ////// to your
pitchfork Daddy’s rancor.
Sing to the audience so they
to forgive our Daddy
/////// his anger.

[ii. part of your world]

Seventh sister wants to run
her tongue over all her stuff
until it’s dry as sandpaper
in the sun. Wants upward
mobility, hungers for a tan.
Daughters at the top don’t get
reprimanded, wear smart suits,
lean in, suck their man’s ten
wiggling toes of progress.
Want—uglier through
like the world. Let’s forgive her
cavern of treasures. Seventh
is the American Dream’s
premium antiques collector.

[iii. under the sea]

it’s the renaissance
of self-loathing
a fishbowl’s the luckiest
tableware w/ the soft silt floor
that’s the daughterly spot
why make a muck
of all the clean bubbles
why covet breakfast bread
aren’t you lucky you’re allowed
that wet knife
extra pinched waist
oscar-worthy calypso tease
sister there are worst fates
no fish jokes please

[iv. poor unfortunate souls!]

seventh sister, have you
a career in sea witchery or
have you considered more
hunger more villainous curves ~
have you considered the
of big women and scrawny
have you considered, seventh
the magnificent creative
of repeating yourself over and
over ~
have you considered death,
seventh sister
or have you considered silence
in our glorious post-lyric age?
I haven’t, for seventh sister, I
own the ocean
it was born from my tit sweat

Domenica Martinello, a poet from Montreal, is the winner of The 3Macs Prize and was a finalist for the 2017 Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers. Recent writing can be found in the Globe and Mail, Canadian Notes & Queries, carte blanche, Vallum, PRISM international, and elsewhere. She is currently completing an MFA in poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her debut collection, All Day I Dream About Sirens, is forthcoming with Coach House Books in 2019.

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