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Friday FTW: Keystone Pipeline protested, everybody wins!

Joe Thomson

It’s a rare thing when a video surfaces surrounding a Keystone XL pipeline when all sides come out looking good. Such is the case in the video above at an event in Boston regarding Obama’s Health Care plan. The protesters bring some much needed publicity to their cause and with his usual glib charm, Obama moves on and comes off as likeable as he always does.

The only people who come across looking bad are the sycophantic over-laughers in the background who can’t control their enjoyment as the President makes his cool jests. Surely they won’t be so happy when it’s 120 degrees in Boston and the pipeline bursts and baby ducklings emerge from their warm shells into a world filled with poisonous ooze. But for today, it’s a win all around. Let’s all share a chuckle. Happy Friday!

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