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One Track Mind: Purity Control – Coping EP – Remote Viewing

Natalie Zina Walschots

Coping is the latest EP from experimental hardcore act Purity Control. Released on November 20th as a High Anxiety/ No Ideas joint venture, only 550 copies of the six-song 7” were pressed. Based in Toronto, the group refer to themselves as “aneurysm-core,” and for good reason, their songs are difficult, broken things that challenge the listener to the limits of their endurance in terms of the potential permutations of metallic hardcore shading into pure noise. Their live shows tend to be short, desperate and explosive, a trait that this record captures admirably.

Remote Viewing by Purity Control

“Remote Viewing” is the opening track from Coping. A breathless record, with only a single song that comes close to two minutes (most are less than sixty seconds), “Remote Viewing” stands out. Somehow, these 59 seconds have weight, heft, handhold. A surprisingly substantial track, it stomps over the listener, almost lordly in its bearing. In a record that is about as fast and forgiving as a mugging, “Remote Viewing” serves as the nucleus, giving the 7” mass and gravity.

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