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Readers: This wants your ideas!

Sara Harowitz

Readers: Have one of your ideas featured in This Magazine!

We’ve got some exciting things happening at This, and we’d like your help. We’re currently on the hunt for Canadian stories from 2012 that the mainstream media might have missed, and we want to hear your ideas. Did something happen in your community that went largely undetected? Did someone you know do something really great and get no media coverage for it? Did something appalling go underreported? We want to know what you, the people who live and work all over this country, think deserves more coverage. We’re especially interested in stories from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

We’re also looking for stories to watch in 2013: What do you think are the pressing issues that we need to keep on top of in the coming year? What can we not afford to ignore?

Please send all suggestions to [email protected]. While we can’t promise to include your idea, we can assure you that your opinion is valid and valued.

Thank-you for your contribution, and for continuing to read and support This!

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