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Toronto — come and visit us at Word On The Street on Sunday!

Graham F. Scott

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It’s Word On The Street this Sunday, the national literary street-fair/author-festival/book-signing/all-around extravaganza of the written word. We’ll have our usual booth at the Toronto event, and we would love to meet you. (We’d love to have a booth at all the WOTS events across the country, of course, but, well, we couldn’t possibly afford that.) Drop by between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and say hello at Booth 231, which will be roughly at the intersection of Queen’s Park and St. Joseph Street:

Map of where to find This Magazine at Word On The Street Toronto, 2010

We’ll be offering WOTS-only discounts on subscriptions, back issues, and more, and this year for the first time ever: THIS MAGAZINE TOTE BAGS. We are excited about these things in a way only inveterate PBS viewers can be. Come down and see us, along with the many other fine independent Canadian magazines that will be there. Happy WOTSing!

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