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January-February 2010

Olympic Countdown: Quick guide to Vancouver 2010 protest do’s and don’ts

Kim Hart MacneillWebsite

Why yes, officer, I can hand out this leaflet. Maybe.

It’s no doubt that clashes between protesters and police will end up being the big story of the 2010 Olympics. There are new bylaws on the books, the usual International Olympic Committee rules, our own Canadian Charter rights, and official statements from the Vancouver Police Department—and they all contradict each other.

So, how do you know what’s legal and what’s not? We tried to sort out all of the different rule-books for you — but we got stuck, too.

Here’s what you can (Y) and can’t (N) do — depending on which authority figure’s watching at the time.

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Vancouver 2010 Do's and Don'ts

Vancouver 2010 Do's and Don'ts

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