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Giving the green shine to grocery shopping

This Magazine Staff

Starting today, Toronto Loblaws patrons will need to stock up on canvas bags or start shopping at Metro if they want to enjoy the petroleum-based convenience of free plastic shopping bag, CityNews reports.
The decision was made last month to charge five cents for each plastic bag (a la No Frills) handed out in Hogtown. The new fee was set to hit stores on June 1st of this year, but Loblaws has apparently decided to start a bit early, pocketing five months’ worth of plastic bag profits.
Critics of the program say that it’s just another way for corporate chains to make a buck, and that the City of Toronto is just looking for a way to avoid recycling costs.
What do you think? Is this a get-rick-quick scheme or an earnest effort to divert non-biodegradable plastic from landfills?

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