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Dancing in the Streets to the Parties' Economic Platforms

This Magazine Staff

Harper’s enemies are dancing in the proverbial street today because the polls continue to show that he’s going down on October 14th. Yay! Whooo! Oh wait, his downfall is due to a similar slide in the stock market and housing prices. Hrm. That’s not that good. Is it time to celebrate?
Yes it is, says Margaret Atwood in The Globe and Mail, because a Conservative majority would wreak untold terror in this country. The Tyee claims a similar point: our potential housing bubble is Flaherty and Harper’s deregulating fault and should they stay in power the downturn will only get worse. On the other side of the debate is Andrew Coyne, who argues that, hey, we’re in a bit of a temporary economic jam here, not a depression and Canadians should realize that markets rise and fall. No one seems to to agree on the current state of the economy.
But supposing we are in for a recession, what will the new governing party do about it? Time for some policy perusing – here are all the major parties economic policy plans:
Liberal’s A Richer Canada
Conservative’s A True Strong North and Free
NDP’s Making Life More Affordable for Families – Creating Jobs
The Green Party’s The Green Economy

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