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NDP (finally) releases platform

This Magazine Staff

With just over two weeks left in the race, Jack Layton and the New Democrats finally released their party platform yesterday, and along with it came a pledge from Layton to end poverty in Canada within the next 12 years, as reported by the Toronto Star.
The platform is rich with hot button issues like child care, the economy and the environment, but here are a few easily-missed points that add a little sugar to the campaign:
If elected, Layton will…
– Ditch “unfair” charges for incoming text messages (This means you Bell/Telus!)
– Fork over a $1,000 grant to every student enrolled in an undergraduate (or equivalent) program who qualifies for a student loan (if only he could now amend the OSAP criteria, I would be all set)
– Create a federally funded youth gang diversion program
So far, the only party not to release an official platform is PM Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, who are still relying on a vague list of “Key Issues” on the Tories’ website (while taking a much needed nap mid-campaign).
Here is a list of all of the parties’ dreams for Canada. I encourage each of you dear readers to forward them on to some of your more apathetic neighbours and try to inspire them to vote.
Bloc Québécois Platform
Conservatives’ Key Issues
Green Party Platform
Liberal Platform
NDP Platform

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