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Hump Day

This Magazine Staff

Today marks Day 19 of the federal election. It’s Hump Day. There are 19 days left until we (well, some of us) vote on October 14th.
And like the Wednesday mid-week blahs that some people experience, I’ve been feeling less enthusiastic about the election this week.
Some might say that things are just heating up with all the focus on arts, culture and crime. But at school, talk of the election has taken a back seat to the U.S. economy. I’m not even looking forward to seeing Canada’s most watched political panel tonight on TV.
We’ve already talked about how media coverage is focusing on all the wrong things and far be it from me to cast the first stone. Maybe it’s the overkill and all the attention paid to little gossipy details that’s burst the bubble for me.
Tomorrow Elizabeth May is in Montreal. I’ll be doing my best to check out what she has to say. And who knows, I might even hear something to get me excited about the second half of the campaign.

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