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David Miller says "Vote Toronto" (read: "Greens")

This Magazine Staff

David Miller indirectly endorsed the Green party yesterday when he praised their national transit plan and their promise to increase funding for municipal infrastructure. Although he did not officially endorse the party, he did say it had the best plan for cities in a radio interview yesterday.
He also contrasted this thinly-veiled endorsement with some strong words for Stephen Harper, due, no doubt, to the latter’s tendency to leave cities in the care of their respective provinces without a second glance.
“The prime minister always says cities are not of national importance,” said Miller. “They are. And all of the parties should be speaking to that.”
Although David Miller seems to be alone among mayors who opine on the federal election, perhaps the rest should take his example. It would be nice to have more democratically elected officials give their constituents an honest opinion.

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