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Danger is somebody's middle name

This Magazine Staff

Blogging a Toronto film festival may not be literally dangerous (despite being an act of aggression against actual literature), but real journalism often is. This evening, I’m hoping to explore the theme twice. Apparently, neither film is a “hot pick“. Then again, the margins are where the action is; as a German Jew might have once said, “The decisive blow is always struck left-handed.”
First up, at 6:45 at Al Green, is Shock Waves, a look at a daring Congolese community radio station, Radio Okapi, by a Quebecois documentary team.
Next, at 9:00 and also at Al Green, I’ll try The Demons of Eden, the story of a Mexican human rights journalist with powerful enemies who’s investigating violence against and women and children.
There’s probably a pun to be made contrasting the grimness of the themes with the fact they’re in romance languages. But I won’t go there.

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