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Hot Docs coverage at Blog This

This Magazine Staff

For the next 10 days, Blog This will be alive with reviews and news from Hot Docs, a documentary film festival taking over the screens of Toronto. All this thanks to our special Hot Docs correspondent, Daniel Cohen. Daniel lives in Toronto and has written about politics and culture in Canada and South America for the Toronto Star, NOW Magazine, The Walrus and New Internationalist. He is co-editor of Notes from Canada’s Young Activists and a contributor to GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto. Daniel tells me this is his first time blogging a festival, and with many boozy receptions slated for the event, anything can happen… (Now take it from me, Daniel, don’t drink and blog! If you must, then observe the cardinal rule: Write drunk, edit sober.)
Keep visiting Blog This for one-of-a-kind Hot Docs coverage.

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