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DOWNTOWN TORONTO–Today begins the 15th Hot Docs, “Canada’s international documentary festival”. This is my first time blogging a festival–I’m excited. First off, as I’m not a documentary “expert”, I’ll spare you a long introductory rumination on the documentary form. For the moment.
But I am a narcissist. So I’ll kick things off with a quick introduction to my toolkit. But first, tonight is the special opening screening of Anvil, a look at some pretty old, very loud people. More sophisticated analysis to come. Also tonight, the opening night reception.
More serious fare starts tomorrow. I’m especially looking forward to The Demons of Eden.
The Toolkit:
(1) My laptop. Without it, I cannot blog. (2) A glass of water. (3) My press pass. My authenticity. (4) The competition. They have more resources but less spunk. (5) A pen and notebook. Almost as important as the press pass for looking authentic. (6) A list of Hot Docs parties and receptions. (7) My cell phone and mobile office. (8) A voice recorder. Almost as important as the notebook for looking authentic. (9) Some light reading to pass the time between screenings.

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