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Weekend links: Brijit, Guardian ponders its eco-impact, one clever ad

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Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing reports on a bank in Delhi run by street kids. The kids get to save a bit of money (which otherwise would be squandered or worse stolen) and learn valuable skills.
Let’s face it long-form magazine articles are pesky. I mean c’mon we all know everyone buys magazines for charticles and pretty photo spreads (and all those perfume ads). Brijit is a site that takes long-form mag articles and boils it down to 100-word summaries. I get a feeling I’ll be reading this a lot in the coming months.
The Guardian, arguably the best left-leaning newspaper in the English-speaking world, ponders its own environmental impact.
Finally, the Wooster Collective point out this cheeky little ad on a drawbridge in Amsterdam.

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