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Weekend Links: Can’t fight the moonlight, master of nations and chickens coming home to roost

This Magazine Staff

We start this week’s links with a cheesy Leann Rimes reference. We’re sorry but we couldn’t resist. But we hope you read on about the Civic Twilight Design Collective’s idea for streetlights that sync up with the phases of the moon. The award-winning idea cuts down on light pollution and power use and just looks plain beautiful.
I know that many people don’t care too much about the circus that is the U.S. Presidential race (only 15 months until Nov. 2008!) but we know you like crafts and politically-inclined crafts even more. I say we bring this idea to Canada when Harper calls that election.
Paper almanacs are for chumps (except the Farmer’s Almanac, that’s just cool.) Why would you buy a book that’ll be out-of-date in a matter of months when you can use the database over at NationMaster.
Finally, the chickens (and bunnies and ducks) come home to roost. Omlet, A British company has created a cute little home for your hens and roosters called the Eglu (awwwww). Sadly I live in a condo, so no Eglu for me.

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