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If Michael Moore were President of Venezuela

This Magazine Staff

Responding to Hugo Chavez’ speech to the General Assembly at the UN yesterday (from The New York Times):
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Mr. Chavez’s comments were “not becoming of a head of state.”
And I agree, which means that Condi and I now agree on two things (Peter McKay can be very charming when he wants to be).
Chavez’s speech was ridiculous and embarrassing, and I’m not sure how it helps the left to have one of its supposed champions in the world be such a cartoon character. The Bush White House does not need Chavez’s cooperation in their campaign to discredit him. And he’s taking work away from Michael Moore, whose job it is to say outrageous things outrageously.
On the other hand, that same White House lecturing anyone on issues of free speech and open democracy, as US ambassador to the UN John Bolton did yesterday, is a bit rich. Brave defenders of freedom and truth, such as they are.

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