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and also get one of them nifty power washers

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Ten years ago, I swear, a decade in the past, I had this conversation with a friend:
She: “Why can’t I go to Canadian Tire and buy an affordable wind turbine or solar panel set for the roof of my house?”
Me: “I know. It’s, like, a market crying out to be serviced by a big company– what with the high cost of hydro, and the do-it-yourself craze.”
She: “Dumb bastards. It’ll probably take them a decade to figure out that people acually want to generate their own power.”
Me: “Well, what do you expect? From my experience, it looks like the entire company is staffed by sullen teenagers with their first ever hangover.”
Well, hats off to Canadian Tire. I got their flyer in the mail the other day, pointing me in the direction of this website:
Canadian Tire Power
Now, while I’m shopping for that great seat warmer for my four-wheel ATV, I can also pick up a planet saving, zero-emissions turbine generator.
The revolution will be suburbanized.

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