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Next up: Emissions restrictions on Don Cherry

This Magazine Staff


As a subscriber to The Hockey News, the last thing I expect to see is a story on global warming. But there it is, on page 51 of this week’s edition (not available online, though): a nice Adam Proteau column on NHLers whose eyes are wide open when it comes to climate change issues.

Calgary Flames defenceman Andrew Ference has to be one of the most environmentally conscious guys in pro sports—the article says he drives a hybrid car and it took one call to the hydro company to switch his home to wind power. “It shows you that all it takes is a couple minutes out of your day, or a few dollars out of your paycheque and you can have a positive effect,” he said.

Meantime, veteran forward Sami Kapanen told THN he has heard the winters aren’t as cold in his native Finland nowadays, a concern for young hockey players who develop their skills outdoors.

I fully expect to see letters in the next edition of the magazine criticizing The Hockey News for giving a forum to bleeding heart NHLers who should just shut up and play the game. The big question is, how many of those letters will be written under assumed names by Don Cherry?


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