Free Trade


Flashback Tuesday: “There’s No Such Thing as Free Trade”

It’s 1987, free trade is on everyone’s lips, and Mel Watkins is less than pleased. In this instalment of flashback Tuesday, we hit the books as Watkins shows us that “There’s No Such Thing as Free Trade.” Digging deep into the archives at the London School of Economics, Watkins demonstrates the similarities between the rhetoric… More »


Flashback Tuesday: “Ten Good Reasons to Oppose Free Trade”

Mel Watkins gives us “Ten Good Reasons to Oppose Free Trade” in this week’s flashback. Penned in 1986, when free trade was first floated as the solution to the economic woes of the Regan-Mulroney era, the list provides an exhaustive account of hidden political, economic, and cultural costs of supposedly “free” trade. In short, writes… More »

This Magazine, August 2001, Andrew Potter, "Trading Futures"

Flashback Tuesday: “Trading Futures”

In honour of our January-February edition, This Magazine waded through hundreds of archived stories on Canada’s complex and often fraught relationship with our neighbours to the south. The result: Twelve favourites that span the period from Trudeau-Nixon to Chrétien-Bush. Together, these stories offer a fascinating cross-section of the events that have helped shaped contemporary American-Canadian… More »

Location of Bagua, Peru, site of a June 5, 2009 massacre of indigenous protesters by Peruvian police and military officers.

EcoChamber #10: Peru's civil war for the Amazon

A war broke out this month. A war not to the east but to the south, that has been little covered by the media. It comes complete with human rights violations, murder, and corruption caused by the exploitation of the Amazon. The blood of this war is on Canada’s hands. On Friday, June 5, an… More »