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University of Manitoba

September-October 2009

How the University of Manitoba revolutionized HIV care in Nairobi

Siena AnstisWebsite

Blended into the colourful storefronts of Nairobi’s River Road area is the Sex Workers Outreach Program (SWOP), a discreet but accessible clinic offering HIV and STD testing and treatment to the estimated 7,000 prostitutes who work in the central business sector of Kenya’s capital city. While the clinic was created in close consultation with Nairobi’s […] More »
July-August 2004

Minimum wage increase equals minimum benefit

Bruce GillespieWebsite@bgillesp

Does increasing the minimum wage by 30 cents actually benefit low-wage earners? It seems like employers just pass the added cost on to consumers, increasing the cost of living for everyone, including the working poor. So is a minimum increase really worth it in the end? The simple answer is yes, if only because no […] More »