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The Atlantic

September-October 2018

Why reporters need to be more responsible in their coverage of trans communities

Journalism about detransition is creating overblown moral panic among North American readers

Alex V. Green

Over the summer, I worked on two articles about non-traditional gender transitions, and interviewed 11 people about their experiences. Through email, over the phone, and at their kitchen tables, I talked with transgender people across Canada and the U.S. about navigating their transitions through the medical system—using hormones irregularly, ordering medications online, lying to doctors, […] More »

You can keep your “all,” thanks. I don’t want it.

Lisa Whittington-Hill

I sighed loudly when I read the “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” cover line on the latest issue of The Atlantic (July/August 2012). When done sighing, I wondered what the “all” was now. I hoped the “all” was a nap because I was exhausted before I even opened the issue and read Anne-Marie […] More »