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Book Review: Sam Cheuk’s Love Figures

Natalie Zina WalschotsWebsite@NatalieZed

There is a unicorn on the cover of this book. This book is like a book with a unicorn on the cover. This book is like a unicorn, like something mythical and beautiful that has to disappoint, either by its non-existence or the drab ordinariness it must assume in order to exist. This book is […] More »

Book review: I’m a registered nurse not a whore by Anne Perdue

Katherine LaidlawWebsite

Anne Perdue’s characters face a tough, unforgiving world in her first collection of short fiction, I’m a registered nurse not a whore. Writing from a litany of perspectives—an overworked suburban dad, a frustrated couple renovating their first home, and an alcoholic grandmother—Perdue builds gritty characters who are pathetically funny, keenly aware of their own flaws, […] More »

Q&A with Charles Demers, author of The Prescription Errors

jasmine rezaee

The Prescription Errors, Charles Demers’ debut novel from Insomniac Press, is a profoundly entertaining, thoughtful and well-written story about a Vancouver-based character named Daniel who struggles to come to terms with his obsessive-compulsive disorder. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the rich, dark and contradictory nature of human relationships and politics. […] More »