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September-October 2017

ACTION SHOT: Thunder Bay’s Bear Clan

Photo by Cole Burston

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When night falls, the Bear Clan hits the streets in Thunder Bay, Ont. The volunteer group says its purpose is to protect the vulnerable—and after several Indigenous youth have been found dead in the city’s waterways over the years, many are thankful for the extra protection. Several children and teens who have died in Thunder Bay […] More »
January-February 2017

2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Peyton Straker

For Yellowknife’s Indigenous youth looking to learn more about their cultures, Peyton Straker highlights the importance of land-based education

Larkin Schmiedl@LarkinSchmiedl

Peyton Straker was a five-time high-school dropout when she took a job as an Indigenous support worker at the public school board in Yellowknife. Straker, 23 and Anishinaabe, knew from experience many of the ways the education system failed her. As a youth she felt displaced in schools where she couldn’t see herself reflected in the […] More »