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Heritage Minister on CBC Radio: commercials if necessary, but not necessarily commercials

This Magazine Staff

Click “Play” above to listen to an audio segment from a hearing of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage from earlier this afternoon. It’s committee member Charlie Angus asking the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore, whether he would consider opening CBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 for advertising when the CBC’s licence renewal comes […] More »

Little Mosque not on the peninsula

This Magazine Staff

I understand that the CBC sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie has gained some notoriety since its debut, but is it really that offensive? The filters in charge of web content in the United Arab Emirates seem to think so. Last night I got an e-mail from a Canadian who lives in Dubai and tried […] More »

Most annoying Canadian on TV

This Magazine Staff

A friend was telling me the other day about a contest currently running to pick the most annoying Canadian on tv. I’m hunting around for a link for the contest, but can’t seem to find one (will keep looking). There are some pretty obvious choices: Don Cherry, Ben Mulroney, the Body Break couple (damn them […] More »