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Most annoying Canadian on TV

This Magazine Staff

A friend was telling me the other day about a contest currently running to pick the most annoying Canadian on tv. I’m hunting around for a link for the contest, but can’t seem to find one (will keep looking). There are some pretty obvious choices: Don Cherry, Ben Mulroney, the Body Break couple (damn them and their healthy snacks) and some not so obvious choices. My favourite vote is for the guy from the CIBC commercials who looks pretty jazzed cause not only did he impregnate his wife, but he ALSO painted the nursery (from the look on the wife’s face he’s been “gettin” around to the nursery for a while now). My vote would have to go to anyone affiliated with a Canadian Idol franchise and that dude from the hardware commercial who does the little churning butter dance at the end of the spot cause his wing nuts are just that cheap. Most annoying Canadian on tv anyone?

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