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Messy Monday June 11: Ex-gay therapy, tales from the Vatican, and one more reason to love Sweden

Katie Toth

Hello, This Kiddos. Today I woke up and read that ex-gay therapy is still being presented as the way to “help” kids who are dealing with homophobic harassment and thoughts of suicide. Oh man, guys, I’m so vexed about this I can’t even find something witty to write. Ex-gay therapy is promoted as solution to […] More »

Game Theory #2: Focus on the Family really won the Super Bowl

andrew wallace

In all the hoopla following the New Orleans Saints’ momentous victory over the Indianapolis Colts in last week’s Super Bowl, an important piece of the biggest day in North American sports seemed to disappear all-too-quickly from the collective consciousness. With the pervasive and nauseating hyperbole around the significance of the Saints’ win in Hurricane Katrina’s […] More »