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Friday FTW: A pop-up prorogue poetry project from Mansfield Press

Graham F. Scott

Among the many responses to a prorogued parliament, we’re tickled by this project from a Toronto small press publisher, Mansfield Press — one that co-stars our own Fiction & Poetry editor, Stuart Ross. He, along with Ottawa’s Stephen Brockwell and Mansfield publisher Denis De Klerck, put out a lightning-fast call for poetry about the proroguement […] More »

Celebrate the 'smallest' in Canadian poetry at bp Nichol Chapbook Awards

laura kusisto

Is it too ambitious to call chapbooks the quintessential medium for Canadian poetry? Certainly many do. And it is true that in these tiny works of ephemera have been published some of the most experimental and best work of Canadian poets such as Gwendolyn McEwen, Jay Millar, and of course bp Nichol. Moreover, like the […] More »