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November-December 2010

Why First Nations struggle with some of the country’s dirtiest water

Ashly Dyck

If you were to turn on a tap in the First Nation of Little Salmon Carmacks, Yukon, your cup might run over with gasoline, fecal matter, and worse (yes, there’s worse). It’s been this way for years, at least going as far back as 1991—the first year of comprehensive water testing. The problems in Little […] More »
March-April 2009

Interview: CAW President Ken Lewenza

Paul McLaughlinWebsite

He’s in the CAW driver’s seat — but where’s he going? When Ken Lewenza became president of the Canadian Auto Workers last September, he had no idea it would soon be begging for government loans — $14 billion in the U.S. and $3.4 billion in Canada — to stay afloat. Lewenza spoke with This in […] More »

Sponsorship shmonsorship

Jim StanfordWebsite

Yes, the scandal was sleazy. It was offensive to Quebeckers. It wasted $100 million (over four years) that could have been spent on much, much better things. It probably had criminal overtones. More »