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Gender-neutral O Canada: An idea whose time already happened—130 years ago

luke champion

Hot on the tail of the reinvigorated nationalism left in the wake of the Olympics in Vancouver, parliament reopened yesterday with the speech from the throne given by Governor-General Michaëlle Jean. Appropriately timed with said nationalism, the country’s National Anthem made its way into the hour-long allocution. The government would like to retool the English […] More »

Atheist bus ads may be crossing the pond

This Magazine Staff

Last week This editor Graham F. Scott blogged about a group of atheists in England who raised money to buy ad space on 200 London buses with the slogan: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Now the Globe and Mail is reporting that the ad effort may soon be making […] More »

UK public transit ads promoting evangelical atheism

This Magazine Staff

A new ad campaign launched on British public transit systems today promoting atheism. The campaign was spearheaded by readers of England’s Guardian newspaper website Comment Is Free, who together raised more than £135,000 ($230,000 CAD) to pay for the campaign (they say their initial goal was £5,500 and 30 buses, a deliberately modest goal that […] More »

The God Discussion

This Magazine Staff

Over the past month, I got into the habit of reading Richard Dawkins‘ book The God Delusion on the bus and streetcar most mornings. I try to walk to work as much as I can but it’s been just too cold! It’s proven to be a very controversial book, and with its shiny cover with […] More »