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Animal rights

Friday FTW: an in vitro meat and greet

Vincent Colistro

I eat meat. I like the taste of it, and each day I witness my belly’s lust for the stuff dupe my mind into concordance. It’s simple. I look at a cluster of cooked chicken strands in a shawarma sandwich and it has none of the paradigmatic signs of life or pain or loss that […] More »

WTF Wednesday: pipeline company wants to build through B.C. Grizzly sanctuary

Vincent Colistro

  Amid the whirlwind of controversies surrounding rape and consent, I’m reminded of the cliché, “raping the land”. It’s a grisly metaphor that’s come to signify the senseless destruction of an otherwise innocent place. Nowhere is that metaphor better actualized than in the laying of a pipeline through the pristine B.C. interior. And have the […] More »

FTW Friday: Sweet news for bees

Hillary Di Menna

Canada now has a working group dedicated to figuring out bee mortality. On July 9, environmental group Sierra Club Canada shared a press release announcing the group’s formation, which is made up of beekeepers, farmers, scientists and others in agri-business. The press release mentions the recent loss of 27 million bees near Elwood, Ont. In […] More »

WTF Wednesday: Marineland sea lion obituary

Hillary Di Menna

On June 11 Marineland released a statement saying Baker the sea lion died. The first three sentences of the four-paragraph document talk about the animal friend. He died of natural causes at 29 years old; he may have been the world’s oldest sea lion. The rest reads a little passive aggressively, perhaps against the protesters […] More »

WTF Wednesday: Manitoba’s worst case of animal abuse and other horror stories

Hillary Di Menna

The Victoria Day sun beckoned my five-year-old daughter and I to the park. While playing near the slide she was pushed over by a tongue-waging canine; looks like Bella was beckoned too. The kiddo laughed it off and the six-month-old puppy kept running with her owners, a family of three. The mother told me how […] More »