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September-October 2010

Fiction: Five stories by Gary Barwin

Gary BarwinWebsite

The Long Way Home After wearing it a few times, the dog got used to the muzzle and stopped trying to push it off with its paws. In fact, when Vent took it down from the coat hook, the dog became excited, associating it—as it did the plastic poop-and-scoop bag, Vent’s boots, and the leash—with […]

Canada deports Mexico’s drug-war refugees, with deadly consequences

Augusta DwyerWebsite

Thousands of Mexicans seek refuge from their country’s gruesome drug wars, but Canada has slammed the door. For some, deportation has been a death sentence The first of Juan Escobedo’s many trials began in 2007 when his common-law wife, Lisbeth, then just 31, was diagnosed with cancer. The couple had four children and little money. […]