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July-August 2012

$#!% Harper did to McGuinty and me

Erika Thorkelson

Canada had a long history of satirical  interventions in political discourse decades before the Tell Vic Everything campaign had Twitter users drowning Public Safety Minister Vic Toews in minute details of their everyday lives. In its heydays in the 1960s through to the early ’90s, the Rhinoceros Party fronted several political candidates who ran on […]

Attack of the killer carp

Andrew Reeves

After a thousand-plus kilometre invasion and destruction of U.S. ecosystems, Asian carp are now poised to enter Canada’s Great Lakes—where they could unleash incalculable and irreversible damage. Inside the desperate fight to stop the swarm. Four fish lay motionless on the metal slab in the laboratory, lying good side up. Their wide, recessed eyes are […]

Grandma’s bedroom secrets

Alex Colgan

Behind closed doors in nursing homes across the country, thousands of seniors are denied sex—and some are even chastised for holding hands. Lesbian, gay, and transgender seniors face ridicule and hostility. Why advocates, residents, and staff are mad as hell and fighting for change   “How can somebody be like that?” The words wafted down […]