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Harper's Economics 101

This Magazine Staff

In the wake of Stephen Harper’s and the Conservative Party’s win last night, the leader has drawn a six-point economic plan. He spoke today of holding a conference with first ministers; issuing a fiscal update by the end of November; and forging an expanded relationship with the European Union. This last one involves freer trade based on a prospective bilateral agreement between Canada and the EU.
Interestingly, this happens the same day the Globe and Mail publishes a commentary by Roy MacLaren, co-chairman of the Canada-Europe Roundtable for Business. He endorses the idea of eliminating tariffs and increasing bilateral trade.
This leaves us wondering if liberalization and deregulation are, in fact, part of the solution to this economic problem; and why Harper failed to discuss this plan earlier. Why did he wait until the day after he’d won the election to unveil this plan? Transparency is an essential aspect of both elected and potential governments alike, and Harper seems to have stumbled his way through the gate.

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