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Yet another weekly recap, folks

This Magazine Staff

Other than the Tories finally releasing their platform, it’s been a slow week for bloggers and newsies alike, so if you’re like me and suffering from a serious case of election fatigue, here’s a lightning-fast recap on the week’s (arguably pretty slow) happenings:

Orphan voters are left out in the cold while a group of renegade Canadian musicians advocate strategic voting to keep Harper out of office.
Tuesday: Conservative platform day! Huzzah!
Wednesday: The potential of a coalition government to wreak havoc if Harper wins a minority and a pop quiz to see how well you know your candidates.
Thursday: More musing on strategic voting and the answers to Wednesday’s quiz.
Friday: A formerly glossed-over issue, HIV/AIDS, picks up a little steam in the election.
And finally, a bit of entertainment to hold you over until Monday. The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos has launched a campaign to lure Stephen Harper into coming on the show before the election that is full of bribery, threats and hilarity.

See the rest of Strombo’s efforts here.

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