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Lend a hand this election day

This Magazine Staff

With four days to go, the rhetoric is heating up. Here in Quebec two Green Party candidates have told their constituents to vote Liberal because they (the Greens) have no chance of winning in their riding anyway. Of course, they neglected to check with their party leader first. I’d love to have heard the conversation between the two candidates and Elizabeth May when she got wind of their plan.
But one thing I really didn’t want to hear were Stephane Dion’s false starts to a muddled question on ATV (an affiliate of CTV). Dion was assured the flubs wouldn’t be broadcast. Imagine his surprise when he saw them aired. Journalists are now officially considered pond scum — and who knows, this whole thing may even get Dion a whole lot of sympathy votes.
So, to counter the nastiness — and in the spirit of all that is good — I have a suggestion: help someone vote on Tuesday. Lend a hand (in a non-partisan fashion… or not) to help someone who will have trouble getting to the polling station on Tuesday.
It’s the perfect way to end this nasty, drawn out election on a positive note.

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