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Answers to Yesterday's Quiz

This Magazine Staff

Yesterday I posted a short quiz to test your knowledge on what the five major parties’ have been telling us over the past five weeks. Below are the answers to that quiz. How did you do?
1. Which party has promised to roll back taxes income trusts?
The Liberals.
2. Which party wants to bring in proportional representation?
The NDP.
3. Which party is aiming to have a federal debt to GDP ratio of 25 percent by 2011-2012?
The Greens.
4. Which party has previously spent $300 million to help protect women from cervical cancer?
The Conservatives.
5. Which party plans to take on spammers who collect personal info under false pretences or for illegal purposes?
The Conservatives (page 8).
6. Which party would invest $1 billion to make Canada’s manufacturing sector greener and more competitive?
The Liberals.
7. Which party wants to limit income tax for those earning less than $20,000?
The Greens (page 7).
8. Which party plans on eliminating the GST on books?
The Bloc Quebecois (page 13).
9. Which party wants to spend $50 million to boost our country’s slaughterhouse capacity?
The Conservatives (page 23).
10. Which party has mentioned allowing people without status who are currently in Canada the chance to apply for legal status?
The NDP.

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