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This blog has seven days

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Here’s a quick recap of the topics blogged about this week, in what has been a very busy five days:
On Monday The NDP finally released their platform, and The Political Compass helped us situate the five parties (turns out the Green party are right wing authoritarians — Just kidding. Sort of.)
On Tuesday We got the low-down on a debate in Kensington market where the Conservative candidate was conspicuously absent.
On Wednesday Harper’s pledge to stop exporting bitumen was analyzed and exposed as an empty promise, advance polls were promoted, we were pointed to an article helpful in cutting through the rhetoric of environmental policy, the French leader’s debate was liveblogged, and Canada’s foreign policy (or lack thereof) was questioned.
On Thursday We were asked if we care whether or not our candidates live in our ridings, told that some Tory candidates are refusing to show up for debates or speak to reporters, and treated to the liveblogging of the English leader’s debate where important questions such as ‘what is Stephen Harper hiding under his hair?’ were raised.
On Friday Everybody was urged to vote, especially those of us born before 1984.

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